KPI Dashboard

ML/Analysis Techniques

  • Data visualization/analysis


  • Tableau
  • Geographic data
  • Calculated fields


A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a measure that represents how effectively a company is achieving a key business objective. Some of the most basic, yet most important KPIs, are measures of sales and profit over a certain time frame. In this project, I wanted to display these critical KPIs in Tableau with various product and client filters.

In order to create the desired dashboard, I first needed measurable sales data so I decided to use Tableau's Superstore dataset. Next, I created three big number KPIs: Sales, Profit, and Profit Ratio. These are KPIs and not simple metrics because I configured them in calculated fields to reflect a percentage change from the previous year.

Next, I began building out additional visualizations using the newly created calculated fields and other data points provided by the dataset to represent the sales and profit information by location (map and bar charts), by year (area chart), and by product and product category (text table), all of which can be used to filter the dashboard.

After compiling the visualizations into a dashboard, I added another dashboard filter to allow the user to filter the data based on ship mode, segment, and manufacturer. The last step was to format the dashboard and share the finished product with all of you on my Tableau Public.

The complete dashboard can be viewed here. Please see a quick video demostration of the dashboard below.