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Hi. My name is Sam Ouimet. I have had a life long interest in business and technology, and over the past few years, this has bubbled over into becoming a professional Analyst and an aspiring Data Scientist. Since leveraging sports analytics to compete in thousands of daily fantasy sports competitions while in college, my mind has been geared towards uncovering insights with data. Post-college, I have worked as a Markets Analyst and Editor for the world's leading blockchain media company, CoinDesk, and have advanced my analytical skillset by completing the only accredited data science bootcamp in the United States, Metis. Along the way, I have worked on a number of data analysis and machine learning projects end-to-end, most of which can be viewed in this digital portfolio.

Please enjoy and feel free to reach out if you would like to get in touch.


Below are some of my favorite data science projects that I completed while studying at Metis or in my free time.

Customer Segmentation

Customer segmenation project with an actual dataset from a UK-based online store. Used PCA, KMeans and Plotly's interactive data viz library.

Customer Churn Prediction

Using a Telco customer and product dataset from Kaggle, I used several classification algorithms to predict customer churn.

Sales KPI Dashboard

Created a KPI dashboard in Tableau to display the sales and profit information from the famous Superstore dataset by year, product, location, and more.

NLP on Movie Scripts with Recommender

NLP and topic modeling performed on full-length movie scripts to identify "how much" of various genres or themes are present in a given movie. Includes a simple recommendation system based on the cosine similarity of the movie-topic vectors.

COVID-19 Dashboard

Used the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 dataset and Tableau to create a dashboard that displays the growth of confirmed cases and deaths around the world.

NFL Game Outcome Prediction

I web scraped several years of NFL game, vegas, and team power ranking data to create a unique dataset for predicting individual game outcomes with various classification algorithms.

Sales Analysis

Used a company's sales data to answer critical business questions such as, the best time to display an ad, which products are most often sold together, and more. Analysis completed using Python.

NFL Team Win Total Prediction

Web scraped NFL team based statistics and predicted the next year win total for a given team using linear regression.

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